Vakantiepark Landgoed De IJsvogel

Start of final phase Project Bird Field

  • No work during weekends and vacations
  • More than 60 luxury recreational homes
  • Local suppliers & collaborations

The final phase of Vogelveld is being built!

Between September 2020 and June 2021 at the latest, we will build a total of more than 60 luxury recreational homes. The project will take place in the middle of our Recreation Estate and will be the heart of our organization starting in 2021. We are extremely happy that we can make this beautiful step with local suppliers such as Van de Kolk Bouw from Garderen, construction company Pater & Zn. from Voorthuizen and Flevohome from Nunspeet. 

Due to the upcoming construction it may be that you as a guest - despite the many precautions - experience some inconvenience from construction traffic. Therefore, we have decided to apply a construction discount for vacations in accommodations located on the Vogelveld during this period. Guests who have already booked their vacation will receive an email from us about the upcoming work.

Some key facts about Project Birdfield:

  • 🧘🏼‍♀️ It is certain that no construction work will take place during vacation periods and weekends. So you can enjoy your stay with us in the Veluwe undisturbed;
  • Due to the outbreak of the corona virus it is very uncertain exactly when the construction will take place. Due to scarcity of suppliers we are unfortunately unable to make a definitive planning at this time;
  • 👷🏼‍♂️ Construction will take place between September 2020 and the beginning of June 2021 at the latest. We will do our best to keep the work out of your sight as holidaymakers;
  • ✅ To accommodate you, we are offering a construction discount of up to 25% on all stays in our Vogelveld Villas, Sand Lodges, Wellness Lodges and Luxury Villa Tents in the period between September 2020 and June 2021;
  • 💌 All our other accommodations are so far away from the works that we suspect they will not be affected by the works;
  • ❓Have questions about the construction or the project? Please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to the period in which we will enrich Recreation Estate the IJsvogel with very beautiful recreational accommodations. In addition to the addition of accommodations, we will also invest in upgrading the reception area, bicycle storage and more. Are you curious about the plans? Then check out our website about Project Vogelveld.


🏡 We welcome you to Recreation Estate the IJsvogel