De IJsvogel
Look, a red deer!

Look, a red deer!

You book the Veluwe feeling at de IJsvogel

That's a nice waking up...

That's a nice waking up...

Daily fresh sandwiches by Bakker Piet from Elspeet

Hectiek uit. Volop genieten aan!

In the middle of Veluwe nature

You walk right into the forest

Ready for some action?

Ready for some action?

The coolest cycling tracks through forests, heaths, marshes, and drifting sands begin and end at de IJsvogel.

Enjoy Private Wellness?

Enjoy Private Wellness?

A nice day outside, and ultimate enjoyment afterwards..

Hét Veluwegevoel

Hét Veluwegevoel!

De mooiste accommodaties van Nederland

Het tempo omlaag, de gezelligheid omhoog!

Het tempo omlaag, de gezelligheid omhoog!

Het Veluwegevoel boek je bij de IJsvogel!

The genuine
Veluwe feeling

Discover our holiday resort in the Veluwe and book a wonderful holiday at our recreational estate in Voorthuizen. At our spacious and cozy holiday resort, you can rent beautiful holiday homes, from luxurious recreational villas and spacious holiday homes to cozy chalets and lodges for 2 to 8 people. Furthermore, we even offer group accommodations for 12 to 24 persons. We also have beautiful, brand new holiday villas and luxury safari tents in our portfolio that are equipped with all modern conveniences.

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Experience the Veluwe feeling at De IJsvogel

Discover the beautiful Veluwe on foot or by bike during your stay! Would you like to head out for a day? The possibilities around De IJsvogel are endless. We would love to give you some tips! Naturally, you can enjoy the many facilities of the resort. Take a dip in the indoor pool or outdoor pool. Throw a strike on our bowling alley, or enjoy a delicious snack or drink in Restaurant De Gasterij. Furthermore, there is even more to discover, such as the challenging playgrounds, sports fields, and fishing waters.

  • Complimentary made beds included
  • Coffee and tea will be waiting for you on arrival

You're so close!

Holiday park de IJsvogel is located centrally in the Gelderse Voorthuizen on the edge of the Veluwe.

Discover the beautiful forests, vast moors and nice villages or visit nearby cities such as Amersfoort, Apeldoorn and Arnhem.

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Landkaart De IJsvogel

Landkaart De IJsvogel

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