Vakantiepark Landgoed De IJsvogel

The Veluwe Summer

  • Taste and experience the flavor of the Veluwe
  • Luxury accommodations with private wellness
  • The best for inside, start outside!

Enjoy the ultimate Veluwe feeling during the Veluwe Summer! β˜€οΈ

This summer, in cooperation with several local entrepreneurs, we are organizing the Veluwe Summer! In the months of July, August and September every week various Veluwe activities take place, fun for young and old. During the summer months you can experience the real Veluwe feeling, go on a walk with the forest ranger, off road with a 4x4 Land Rover, taste what the Veluwe has to offer during various tastings, and much more!Β 

Below you will find an overview of all the unique activities being organized! Click on the activities for more information, or stop by our reception, we are happy to help you!

The Veluwe Summer | Discover the real Veluwe feeling! 🌳

πŸ• Ultimate Veluwe feeling experience 'From the Path'

βœ… Unique day trips across the Veluwe βœ… Driving a tough 4x4 Land Rover βœ… Complete routes, for young & old
πŸ” Check out the Land Rover Veluwe Tour

🍽 Get a taste of the Veluwe at 'Wild Talk'

βœ… Wild walk with the forest ranger βœ… Wild-outdoor dinner βœ… Seasonal dishes βœ… Antler show βœ… On The IJsvogel
πŸ” Check out the Veluwe Wild Tasting.

🍺 Veluwse Schavuyt Beer Tasting.

βœ… Tap cart with different kinds of beer βœ… At The IJsvogel on Tuesday evenings in July, August and September βœ… Discover the story behind the beer
πŸ” Check out the Veluwse Schavuyt beer tasting.

πŸ§€ Veluwe Cheese by Annemarieke

βœ… Every Friday evening between 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. at The IJsvogel βœ… Local cheeses, sausages and delicacies such as nuts βœ… Veluwe Cheese indulgence packages in our 'Living Room'
πŸ” View the website of Veluwe Cheese

πŸš΄πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Cycling routes across the Veluwe

βœ… Routes ranging from 30 to 65 kilometers βœ… Across the Veluwe βœ… Bike tour with picnic basket or high tea basket from Baker Piet
πŸ” Check out our cycling routes here

β˜€οΈ Summer Fair

βœ… Cosy summer fair βœ… Monday 19 July and the Mondays in August until 16 August from 14:00 - 20:00 hrs. βœ… In front of the reception of The IJsvogel

🏠 NEW: Our Veluwe Living Room

βœ… Enjoying coffee from the Veluwe LEUT βœ… Veluwe regional products βœ… Getting inspiration βœ… Rent a bike, plan book a cool excursion
πŸ” Take a peek into our Living Room!

🦌 Discover the Veluwe with the forest ranger

βœ… Out and about with the forest ranger βœ… Private or group hikes βœ… In search of wild boar and red deer In search of wild boar and red deer
πŸ” Watch the Wild Walk Across the Veluwe

πŸ§’ The Outside Gang: our animation team

βœ… Discovering nature while playing βœ… Nature, singing, dancing, sports and games βœ… Tough survival training βœ… For young and old
πŸ” Check out The Outside Gang's program

🍷 Wine tastings at Telgt Vineyard

βœ… Guided tour of the vineyard βœ… Comprehensive tasting sessions βœ… Smaller tasting arrangements
πŸ” Learn more at Vineyard Telgt

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